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As Exam Season is now upon us, OOMOO and The Comedy Trust understands the importance of acknowledging and managing stress for our young people. Sometimes life can make up feel under the weather, Well Funny Comedy workshops are the remedy to help you combat the blues, and those creeping stress levels by bringing people together for a much needed injection of happiness and laughter in a fun, engaging, and innovative way! 

With this in mind, we are pleased to offer a limited number one-off sessions to run for you before the summer holiday.

Whilst having a good chuckle, you will also learn;

  • How laughter makes you feel and the health benefits of a good chuckle
  • How laughter and humour can help us build human connection and relationships
  • How humour can help us build our personal resilience and problem solve
  • How by breaking negative and repetitive patterns in our life can help us create more happiness


Please be aware that this will be the BE: Spotlight session and those who book on will be occupying the space, for those who don’t book on can join us for the following session 🙂

We are very excited for this session, we cant wait to see you!



  • Where: Luft
  • When: Thursday 29th June • 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
  • With: The Comedy Trust
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